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Why Every Vehicle Should Have a Collapsible Safety Cone Kit

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What is a collapsible safety cone and why should you have them in your car? These bright orange cones like those in OTW Safety’s collapsible traffic cone kit help drivers stay safe during emergency situations by alerting surrounding traffic. They’re commonly used by firefighters, police officers, ambulances, schools, and other emergency responders, but nowadays it’s becoming more commonplace for anyone to own a few cones. Especially for new drivers or drivers of older cars that may be more prone to troublesome situations, a cone kit can help draw attention to yourself and keep you safe.

There are many reasons why a driver might need to stop their vehicle in dangerous conditions. A tire blowout, striking wildlife on the road, being involved in a vehicular collision— the list goes on and on. Anything can happen on the road, and that’s why it’s always best to be prepared. Trying to reduce common road crashes is always the main goal. Here’s a look at a safety cone kit, how and when to use it, and how to store it for future use.

Collapsible Cone Kit with bag of 4 or 5

What Comes in a Safety Cone Kit?

Although it’s a great idea to have a general safety kit in your vehicle — first aid kit, jumper cables, kitty litter, blankets, etc. — having a collapsible safety cone kit is an extra bonus to put your mind at ease. Ranging from $20 to $200 depending on the size and features, getting your hands on a kit is no problem. What should you look for in a collapsible safety cone? Well, they should be:

  • orange, or a similar highly-visible safety color
  • have reflective markings or bands
  • made of a heavy-duty, resistant material like polyester
  • sturdy with a rubber base that keeps the cone upright during high winds or passing cars
  • able to collapse

Of course, a bag to store them all in and extra features like installed LED lights will be more bang for your buck.

How to Use Safety Cones

If you need to stop your own vehicle to address a problem or mark a potential hazard, (crashes, uncovered manholes, oil slicks) if possible, pull your vehicle over to the side of the road, a highway shoulder, or a closeby offroad— any place that reduces your risk of oncoming traffic. If that’s not possible, do what you can and distance yourself as far away from other vehicles as possible. Next, activate your hazard lights. Be aware of other vehicles as you open your car door to exit your vehicle. Grab the safety cone kit from your car and start expanding each one. Face oncoming traffic as you place the cones around your car or the potential hazard. Place the cones between your car and the road and as well as collapsible safety cones about two car lengths away at the rear end of your vehicle. This should give enough visibility and distance for other drivers.

Collapsible cone kit bag of 4 or 5

Storage Options

Now, the emergency is over and it’s time to put your collapsible safety cone away. Once again, face oncoming traffic as you gather your safety cones. Collapse them, making sure that they’re undamaged and free of excess water or dirt— anything that could affect their performance later on. Once home, make sure the batteries are charged or replaced if you have a safety cone set with LED lights. If any of your safety cones have damage or cracks, be sure to replace them as soon as you can. Finally, place your charged, pristine safety cones back into their bag and into your car. Hopefully, you won’t need to use them again but you can feel safer knowing that they’re there.

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We know collapsible cone kits may not be very romantic, but nothing shows love like protecting your partner or family. You never want to get caught in an unfamiliar situation being unprepared. In packs of 4 or 5, our collapsible cone kits are great for small or larger vehicles. Tuck them away in your trunk and they’ll be there when you need them.

If you need more information about the handy collapsible safety cone or if you have any more safety questions, contact the road safety experts at OTW Safety online or at (801) 797-1913.