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Take Care of Your Safety Barricades and They Will Take Care of You

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Safety barricades are essential for many businesses to protect people and property from accidents and injury. They’re often used at events, construction zones, travel hubs and in other situations where safety is important. So, maybe you’ve found just the right barricades for your next project, but do you know how to maintain them properly? Barricades that are well cared for will last you through many years and projects, saving you time, money and effort. Here at OTW Safety, we pride ourselves in our high quality barricades that last for years, even in the most extreme circumstances.

Here are some tips to keep them operational and looking their best for years:

Spit Shine

Okay, so we don’t recommend a spit shine as a way to clean your barricades, but we do have a simple way to keep them looking their best. A basic scrub brush and an environmentally friendly cleaner like Simple Green are all you need to wash away mud, grime and other junk that can build up on your barricades, especially when used outdoors. Keeping them clean will not only help them last their longest, it will make sure they stay effective, bright and visible!

A Clean Inside AND Out

When OTW Safety’s barricades are ballasted with water, they are a force to be reckoned with. As long as you keep the lid secured, the water inside won’t evaporate quickly. Even better, the water will stay clean and bug-free.

It’s easy to add more water as needed, but make sure to hang onto that cap! Caps and plugs are most likely to go missing when a crew finishes up a project and empties the water to store the barricades. Open barricades in storage are far too welcoming for debris and little creatures, which you’ll obviously want to avoid. If you’ve misplaced any lids, not to worry—just give us a quick call and we’ll get a replacement for you in no time.

Remember: Make sure when dumping the water that you check with your city’s ordinances on where and how this should be done.

Moving, Deployment & Storage

One of the great features of plastic barricades is that they are so portable. When empty, they are light, easy to move around, and can be stacked and stored for later use. When placed and ballasted with water, they are incredibly sturdy. However, it’s important to note that each stage has its own maintenance guidelines:

  • When moving your barricades around, make sure that they are emptied. When filled with water, the weight can cause the barricade to bow and affect the structure.
  • When in place, fill with water as needed, and make sure to keep the cap on. Check your barricade for the recommended fill line.
  • When storing, ALWAYS ensure that barricades are completely empty with their lids on.
  • When storing, it is recommended that you choose a space that is covered or indoors. Although they are UV rated for years, you can extend that even further by avoiding discoloration due to constant sun exposure.
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Often projects require added accessories for further visibility or clear communication, depending on their use. OTW Safety’s barricades can be accessorized easily with lights, flags, fencing, etc. They fit right to the barricade itself, reducing or even removing any need for further tools or hardware, keeping your project area safer and clear of possible extra debris. Make sure when attaching accessories that threading is lined up correctly so cross threading doesn’t occur.

The Circle of Life

What do you do if your barricade is damaged? Don’t get rid of them just yet! Some simple work will get any small crack or hole fixed right up. OTW Safety has some step by step instructions for repairing your plastic barricades on Youtube. Our barricades are built to last— we recently had a client reach out for some lights who was delighted with their barricades that have lasted 12 years and counting. However, sometimes damage happens, or all good things come to an end, and it’s time to say farewell to your barricades. In that case, you can feel good about the fact that OTW Safety’s barricades are fully recyclable.

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