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Our Latest Innovation – The 32″ LCD Barricade

OTW32X45 orange and white stacked vertically

The traffic barricade market is rife with competition, but how many providers are really innovating? At OTW Safety we are always asking how things can be improved. What is missing in the marketplace? What are people asking for?

It’s a challenge to design and produce products that meet safety standards and fulfill requirements while also being efficient to transport and reasonably priced. It’s precisely this challenge that led to the development of our newest barricade, the 32-inch LCD. With this innovative design we are able to maintain the utility of a larger barricade at a size that makes shipping and installation much more efficient. 

Innovation is written into the history of our company and it’s what sets us apart from other manufacturers. From designing and manufacturing the first plastic airport barricades, to developing the first flat-stacking crowd control barricade equipped with advertising panels, we strive to be at the forefront of market innovation.

Traffic safety products are ever-evolving and we’re eager to usher in the new ideas that meet the needs of our clients. The 32-inch LCD is smaller and more efficient to ship than taller barricades and still meets the requirements of most work zones. The portability and price per linear foot make these some of the most competitive barricades on the market.

You know when you work with OTW, that your products will be fulfilled on time and at the best price we can offer. The quality of our barricades is second to none and the new 32-inch LCD is no exception. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team is available to help you find the ideal solution to your specific requirement needs. OTW stocks our products in strategic regions so we can quickly fulfill orders throughout the U.S. and abroad.