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Event Safety

OTW Safety Barricades are trusted by organizations like NASA, the New York Knicks, International Airports and countless festivals large and small.

With our most innovative product at the core of our site safety services, we’re confident we can help you improve the overall success of your event. Our team is here to help! Call us for more information.


Site Safety

At OTW Safety we work closely with event organizers to create site plans that will direct foot traffic safely and efficiently. When you pair directional signage with our colorful crowd barricades you increase awareness and things run even more smoothly.


Custom Signage

Sponsorships are an important source of income for many of the events we serve. Consider an additional incentive that will get your sponsor's brand in front of the most people possible – custom signage for your crowd control barricades.

The billboard barricade was designed for advertising! We print big (36" x 28.5") colorful signs that attach cleanly to our barricades and stand up to sun or rain. Guests love being in a colorful, intentional space and sponsors love the visibility of their logos and messages.


Easy Set-up

One of the most unique features of our crowd barrier is the swiveling foot, which enables multiple barricades to be stacked flat for shipment or storage. Set-up is easy and without sharp edges or rusted sections to deal with, it goes faster too!

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