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Crowd Control Barriers


Our Plastic Pedestrian Barricades are Just Better

The Billboard Barricade is more than just a pedestrian barrier and more attractive than steel! Whether at the zoo, an arts festival, or a marathon, our crowd barricades create clear delineation in public spaces and serve as an attractive advertising platform. Our customers rave about how easy our barricades are to set up and store. They also love the personal attention we offer and quick delivery time.


Our barricades are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a superior grade of plastic known for its strength and durability. HDPE is UV-resistant, has high impact and melt strength and resists stress cracks. This means our barricades will stand up to weather, transport, and crowds. HDPE is also 100% recyclable.  The highly durable feet won't bend like steel and don't require rubber pads for floor protection.


In contrast to steel, our barricades are brightly colored and attractive. We stock a variety of colors including safety orange, yellow, green, red, silver, and blue. We also take custom orders and can match nearly any color swatch.


Our unique design allows barricades to interlock, forming a continuous wall. They can be set up in various configurations to create VIP spaces and delineate restricted areas and bolted together for additional stability and security.

Optional Signage

Advertising or directional messaging is easy with the Billboard Barricade. Many of our clients are able to generate additional revenue by selling ad space. We print graphics on high-quality material that can stand up to weather just as well as our barricades do. Signs are 28.5 in x 36 in and are easily attached with 4  bolts.

Easy Set-up and Storage

Support feet twist flush allowing our barricades to stack flat for easy storage and efficient transport. Each barricade weighs 33 pounds empty and can be ballasted with water increasing weight to 58 pounds. The crowd control barricade adapter helps make it all easier. 

Custom Printing

One of the most innovative features of the billboard barricade is the built-in advertising space. Many of our customers list this option as their top reason for investing in OTW Safety barricades. Including signage can help generate revenue, increase safety, provide direction, and build brand awareness. Instead of covering metal barricades with branded slipcovers, the billboard barricade provides a more efficient and attractive solution. We can provide a template to your art department or you can utilize our designers and print shop. We offer high resolution, full color, custom graphics printed on corrugated PVC sign board and our production methods provide quick turn-around at a price within most budgets.

Customer Testimonials

See what our customers have to say!

"We did find unexpected bonuses come with these great barricades. Not only are they attractive, they are designed to hold sponsor signs and are so popular with our sponsors that the number of signs they get is a major point of negotiation. Also, on special days we have inserted U.S. flags into them to celebrate the day. This has become so popular with the public that next season we will add 50% Alaska flags and display them every day of our thirty-six day market/festival season."

– William F. Webb, Anchorage Market & Festival

"I would like to comment on the barricades. We Loved them. Very easy to move around and lightweight. We even used the advertising area. All in all, we had a great time with them."

– David Leonard, National Western Complex, Denver, CO

"The barricades are awesome! The sparkly silver looks great with our climbing wall and we couldn't be happier."

– Aaron L.

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