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  • OTW Safety at Night on Commonwealth

    OTW Crowd Barricades at Night on Commonwealth

    Summer is event season at OTW Safety. Just down the street from our offices at Night on Commonwealth there were live local bands, beat boy dancers, artists selling their wares, food trucks and of course, a bar with wine, beer, and Dented Brick Distillery cocktails! Our colorful crowd barricades and signage were put to good use and looked great, keeping people safe and highlighting the generous sponsors of the South Salt Lake Arts Council.
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  • OTW Safety at the Petzl Di'namik Bouldering Contest

    OTW Safety at Petxl Dinamik Climbing Competition

    Every year, outdoor enthusiasts descend on Salt Lake City to sample all the industry's latest gear. This ocean of puffy jackets, beards, and beanies provides the perfect backdrop for some friendly (and very intense) competition — the Petzl Di'namik Bouldering Championship. This year's competition, featuring some of the best climbers in the world, proved to be the best yet.
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  • The Once Annual Crowd Control Sale Is On! Save 10% on Our Hottest Product.

    Our branded barricades will revolutionize how you do crowd control! Delight your guests with beautiful barricades. They’re easy on the eye, safe to handle, simple to store, and designed for advertisements. Crowds will love you, and sponsors will pay you!
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  • A stampede caused by metal barricades?

    Broken metal barricades can be a hazard

    According to an article published by The Commerical Appeal back in May, crowds on Beale Street in Memphis mistook crashing metal barricades for gunshots and started fleeing in all directions. Hundreds of people ran toward the exits, two were arrested and others ended up in the hospital.
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  • The Billboard Barricade at Dented Brick Distillery

    The Billboard Barricade at Dented Brick DistilleryDented Brick Distillery opened its doors to the public last week as well as the first bottles of their first spirit, Antelope Island Rum. Now Salt Lake City is the home to the second largest distillery in the West.
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    Photo Credit: Barry Martak

  • Serious Safety, Fun Interaction

    Utah Arts Festival When people get together in large groups these days, it is often to have fun. Whether at a concert, a game, an exhibition, a rally, or a speech, the last thing on your mind is safety. That’s why it is the first thing on our minds and the minds of those putting on the events.
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  • IMFCON/IFFS 2014

    OTW Safety at IMFCON in Austin OTW Safety made some great new friends, hobnobbed with musicians, and showed off our Billboard Barricade crowd control device at this year's International Music Festival Conference and International Film Festival Summit in Austin, TX.
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  • OTW Safety Barricades Used Right by Fly Racing

    OTW Safety’s crowd control barricades have many terrific features, including their ability to display revenue generating graphics and signage on brightly colored backgrounds. This display area can be used to generate revenue for your organization! What is the ROI of your current crowd control devices?

  • The Adapter

    OTW Safety has done it again and revolutionized the crowd control barricade market again with The Adapter. Now you can seamlessly integrate the already amazing Plastic CC42x96 with your current steel crowd control barricade fleet. This simple device uses the auxiliary hole in the CC42x96 to attach to any steel crowd control barricade on the market.

  • What Does Your Barricade's Carbon Footprint Look Like?

    Plastic barricades made from recycled plastic carry a much smaller carbon footprint than its clunky predecessor, the steel barricade.  When your steel barricade is manufactured it goes through a process called galvanization. The galvanization process has been linked worldwide to environmental hazards. Although controls have been put in place in most modernized countries to curb this effect, those controls cost money to the supplier - so if you find a low priced steel barricade most likely i...