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Airport Runway Barricades

Shop our entire line of low-profile airport barricades & solar airport lights.

OTW airport barricades are trusted by major airports worldwide to warn pilots of hazardous construction zones and ensure traveler safety. The quality and durability of our barricades have earned us a reputation that is second to none.

Our airport safety products include low-profile barriers and mid-profile barricades, solar flashing or steady burn lights, low-profile airport delineators and hazard marker flags. Each of these products is specifically designed to meet the needs of large and small airports while exceeding FAA compliance standards.

Integrated interlocking pins allow our barricades to interconnect without additional hardware and each barricade features specially designed fill-holes to accommodate two lights and two flags. All of our airport barriers and optional lights and flags meet the FAA requirement to prevent introduction of foreign object debris (FOD) into the operational area of the airport.

Jet-Blast Resistant Barricades

Our low-profile airport barricade, the AR10x96, is our most popular. Composed of blow-molded high density polyethylene (HDPE), it weighs only 19 pounds empty but once ballasted with water can weigh up to 260 pounds! At 10 inches high, this advantageous height to weight ratio gives the AR10x96 significantly enhanced staying power during inclement weather and high wind conditions.

As proof, we subjected the AR10x96 to independent wind tunnel tests by Darko Technologies. Ballasted and outfitted with lights and flags, the barricade proved immovable even when confronted with wind speeds in excess of 70 MPH, the maximum speed able to be generated in the tunnel. We are very proud to say this benchmark sets the standard industry-wide and surpasses requirements set forth by the Department of Defense Unified Facilities Criteria and the FAA.

Airport Runway Hazard Lights

Airport Regulations require that construction zones, equipment, and any other potential runway hazards be delineated with lighted barricades. Our airport runway hazard lights meet this requirement along with being efficient to install and FOD-free. The base of the hazard light screws directly into our barricades, eliminating extra hardware and labor.

We offer two different types of hazard lights - solar flashing and solar steady burn. Our solar-powered models require no battery changes, which makes them the most cost-effective option in the long run.


Low-Profile Airport Barricade

Made in the USA / Recycled Product

Mid-Profile Airport Barricade

Made in the USA / Recycled Product

Low-Profile Airport Delineator

AR3 12x12 Designed specifically for GA airports
Made in the USA / Recycled Product
AR Flag

Airport Runway Flag

100% FOD Free Flags
Flag Material Made in the USA / Recycled Product
Airport Construction Solar Warning Light Flashing Military Grade front

Airport Runway Light

Airfield Grade 360 Degree Solar Hazard Light
Light Turns On When the Ambient Light Falls Below 60 Lux