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What is a T3 Barricade?

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What is a T3 Barricade?

At OTW Safety, we are proud to design, engineer, and manufacture the highest-quality plastic safety barricades on the market. We offer plastic barricades for numerous events and occasions, including active construction sites. There are many different types of construction barricades that are intended and approved for use on different types of projects, including the type 3 barricade.

Rail Barricades

One of the most popular types of safety barricades on the market is the rail barricade, which comes in types 1, 2, and 3. As their names suggest, these barricades are differentiated by their use of one to three rails, each with appropriate safety markings which are used to manage vehicular or pedestrian traffic within active construction sites by closing, restricting, or delineating traffic flow.

Rail barricades must meet numerous OSHA safety requirements in order to be approved for use on construction sites. For example, each rail on a barricade must be marked orange and white with retro-reflective markings and these stripes must be at a downwards forty-five-degree angle, depending upon the traffic direction to ensure maximum visibility for pedestrians or vehicles.

T1 and T2 Barricades

As mentioned, rail barricades come in three grades: types 1, 2, and 3. T1 and T2 barricades are similar in size and are both used to manage similar hazards present within construction zones. Both types of barricades must be a minimum of 2 feet in length and 36 inches in height and are often used for the temporary delineation of crowds and traffic flow through active construction sites. These barricades can be equipped with additional safety features such as flashing lights to improve visibility.

Type 3 Barricade

Unlike T1 and T2 barricades, Type 3 barricades must be at least 4 feet long and 5 feet tall, making them considerably larger than their counterparts. The type 3 barricade is most commonly used for major projects such as detours and road closures due to its large size. Type 3 barricades are most commonly seen spanning entire roadways notifying drivers of upcoming closures, detours, or other disruptions to traffic that are associated with active construction.

Learning about the different types of rail barricades is the first step to finding the right safety barrier for your project. When choosing between the different types of barricades, be sure to consider the size, level of visibility, and amount of support you will need to ensure that your safety barricades are efficiently protecting drivers and pedestrians.

OTW Safety Experts

At OTW, construction zone safety is a top priority. Our team of trusted safety experts can help you learn more about the different types of Construction and Traffic Barricades available so that you can choose the right one for your project. Contact us today at  (801) 363-7740 or email to request a free quote.