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Vertical Panels and Channelizing Devices – Work Zone Safety’s Best Friends

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A channelizer comes in many shapes and sizes, and the new vertical panel OTW just launched is one of many forms you might see one take.

Channelizers, by definition (according to the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices), are “devices that are used to guide traffic on public roads temporarily”. There are a number of basic types of safety cone alternatives available for work zone safety; let’s cover the four main types of channelizers you might see while you’re out on the road.

Traffic Barrels

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Traffic barrels (also known as barrel drums or channelizer drums) are the bigwigs of the channelizing device family. These hefty drums are most often used in areas where vehicles will be moving at higher speeds, as their no-nonsense size means that drivers are more likely to pay them attention. They are well-known due to being used regularly by construction workers.

Channelizer Cones

Navicade 4 inch HIP Sheeting with 16lb Base 1Z 300x300

Channelizer cones (these differ from your standard, petite orange cone) are another of the most frequently deployed channelizing devices in the road construction industry. These slim orange cones are used to guide traffic, divide traffic lanes, and are often found in use at short-term maintenance or utility work sites for safety purposes.

Traffic Delineators

delineator base 300x300

Traffic delineators are also used to guide traffic, and are often found where motorists need to be carefully guided through a desired vehicle path in a construction zone. These vertical delineators can also be used to show the alignment of a road and are most often used in conjunction with other traffic barricades.

Vertical Panels

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The vertical panel is as adaptable as they come; while they can be used nearly anywhere, these sleek, narrow barricades are frequently used in areas to delineate opposing lanes of traffic and are often used in place of larger barricades when space is hard to come by.

Our vertical panel barricade is highly visible, meets MUTCD standards, and is approved on PennDOT Bulletin 15, is NCHRP-350 certified, and is incredibly easy to deploy (and stacks to store!).

Where else can vertical panels be used?

A jack of all trades, the vertical panel is perfect in many situations. You might use them in school zones; they are light, portable, and easy to quickly deploy to block off any crosswalks in use. In addition to guiding on-the-go traffic, they are excellent for marking parking spots and areas in any weather. Use them to create a quick walking path, block off a hallway, or guide guests to their intended destination… the possibilities are endless! And, as they come in bright safety orange, our vertical panel barricades are ideal for drawing awareness to work zones and work zone safety – something that cannot be overlooked!

Where would you use your vertical panel channelizers?

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