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Fatal Injuries in work zones and the Dew Tour

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010 over half of the fatal occupational injuries in the United States were caused by workers being struck by vehicles. What if you could cut the total number of fatal occupational injuries by over half by simply implying a safer and more advanced system to mark areas where employees are working near moving traffic? The Water Barrier Manufacturers Association (WBMA) thinks it is possible to achieve this by modernizing the tools that are in work zones with moving traffic.

Water-filled LCD barricades will increase a drivers attention in work zones because of their size and ability to create a visual line of travel. The LCD barricades are being accepted in many spectator events to help direct pedestrian traffic. Recently the Dew Tour, presented by Alli Sports, implemented over 500 feet of OTW Safety’s MB42x72 JSS LCD barricade to separate spectators from the high action Dirt BMX course at the Portland Invitational. The LCD barricades create a very clear line of travel for the bikes and the pedestrians. When this technology is implemented in work zones, the WBMA feels that the overall safety for workers and the vehicles traveling through the work zones will improve greatly.