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Security Barriers


Our Most Formidable Line of Barricades Offer Superior Stability and Protection

These barricades are designed with volume and mass in mind and when ballasted with water can weigh over 2800 pounds! Like all other barricades in our line, they can be used individually or connected via our specialized U-connector to form a continuous wall that will pose a significant obstacle to unwanted entry and vehicle penetration.

With their heavy duty wall thickness, our security barricades even stand up to gun fire. Ballistics testing found them to possess excellent blast mitigation and energy distribution while significantly lowering the shrapnel and projectile risk associated with concrete barricades. The King Tut Barricade and Large Jersey Barricade are both ideal for high threat situations where quick action is necessary. They can be deployed rapidly and stored efficiently when not in use. We are proud to support a variety of military installments with this line of barricades.