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We design and manufacture the safest barriers in the world.

Since 1993 our talented engineers have been dreaming up alternatives to concrete and steel barriers and working with customers along the way to refine and perfect each design. We support multiple industries with our unique product lines and make it a priority to stay informed on the changing needs of our customers.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We are a small business focused on relationships. We spend time with our customers working to understand their needs and offering tailored solutions. We provide expertise in site safety, planning and management with a sales team that has the knowledge and experience to help customers meet requirements.

Our focus on relationships extends to our manufacturing and shipping partners. These long-term partnerships allow us to guarantee quality and efficiency throughout all our processes, keep costs low and pass the savings on to our customers. Compared to larger barricade suppliers we have much more flexibility and can usually offer lower prices and faster delivery.

Customizable Barriers and Barricades

Our barricades create order in public spaces and prevent accidents and injuries. We work diligently to ensure safety by supplying superior products and making sure our customers employ the correct barricades for their specific needs.

Our construction barricades are trusted by major airports and roadway construction contractors alike. Our crowd control barriers are in use at a wide variety of venues including sports stadiums, concert halls, zoos and outdoor festivals. Our heavy duty security barriers are relied upon by various branches of the military and play an integral role in protecting important buildings, checkpoints and military personnel.

Uniquely suited for various safety and security uses, each of our barricades is designed to offer protection, longevity and ease of use.

Call Us! 1-877-659-7245

We Stand by Our Barriers

Our mission is to ensure public safety by providing the most innovative security barriers available. Our products protect roadway construction crews, provide direction for drivers, warn pilots of hazards on airport runways, and create clear delineation at public events. Quality is paramount and we take pride in the design and construction of each barrier we sell.

We're proud to say that all of our plastic barricades are made in the USA and are 100% recyclable. Our barricades are composed of superior grades of plastic known for strength and durability. They are also UV-resistant, have high impact and melt strength and resist stress cracks and fracturing. This means our barricades stand up to weather and transport.

We employ advanced molding techniques to create barricades that are hollow and can be ballasted with water or sand. Lightweight and easy to move, once ballasted our barriers become up to three times heavier and nearly immovable. We offer a 1-year manufacturing warranty and all of our products are designed to last a minimum of eight years.