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Maximizing Pedestrian Safety and Security in Parking Lots & Structures

Safety, on the road and otherwise, is a responsibility shared by everyone. While accidents are always a risk, businesses, motorists, and pedestrians can take certain steps to ensure public spaces like parking lots are safe places for everyone. Here, we’ll explain how organizations can maximize pedestrian safety in parking lots by following four basic –– …

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5 of the Most Common Uses for Pedestrian Barricades

It’s difficult to name the #1 most common use for pedestrian barricades. Why? Simply because so many different organizations use pedestrian barricades for so many different reasons. Construction companies, event promoters, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, go-kart courses, military bases, and police departments all may make use of pedestrian barricades for everyday reasons or for …

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Custom Construction Signs

The ability to display custom construction signs is one of the features that makes the Billboard Barricade truly unique. Threaded bolt receptors are molded directly into the barricade so installation is easy and doesn’t require any extra tools. Signs arrive in custom cardboard packaging with bolts and washers included. Simply place your sign, add a …

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A Stampede Caused by Metal Barricades

According to an article published by The Commercial Appeal back in May, crowds on Beale Street in Memphis mistook crashing metal barricades for gunshots and started fleeing in all directions. Hundreds of people ran toward the exits, two were arrested, and others ended up in the hospital. Beale Street is a historic district in downtown …

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