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UVC Light provides Hospital Grade Room and Air Sanitation. Kills over 99% of Pathogens.

Rzero Arc UV-C disinfection

R-Zero’s Arc Tower: UV-C light for Indoor Air and Surface Disinfection




Introducing the first hospital-grade UV-C disinfection system designed for use in dynamic environments like schools, restaurants, hotels and all other types of organizations.  The R-zero ARC UV-C Disinfection Tower is able to disinfect both surface and airborne pathogens within a confined space, making your space safer and germ-free for its occupants.   This method of UV disinfection has proven 99.99% effective for killing pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew.

Superior Disinfection

  1. Can disinfect a 1,000 ft2 room in just 7 minutes
  2. Verified by an independent government-sanctioned lab
  3. Delivers an even higher level of efficacy than many hospital products

How UV-C Light Kills Microorganisms

The UV-C wavelength destroys surface and airborne pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew.

The UV-C rays break through the outer membrane of microbes— things like yeast, mold, bacteria, viruses, or algae. When the radiation reaches the DNA of the microbe, it modifies in a way that ultimately kills the microbe.

Germicidal lamps like the R-Zero Arc provide a more powerful and concentrated effect of ultraviolet energy than can be found naturally.

They sanitize air and surfaces that pass directly in their path by destroying pathogens with the UV rays.

Software & Analytics Make the Invisible Disinfection Process, Visible

R-Zero’s Analytics Dashboard enables users to check usage and manage devices anytime and anywhere.

Real-time reporting for risk mitigation and marketing to restore trust.


Transparency with Rzero software

actionable Protocols

With the support of R-zero software, you can easily  create custom biosafety protocols for your own spaces and specific needs. The Arc’s 4 button system is easy to use and R-zero can even support your staff with in-person training.

Rzero Arc handle zoomed in

R-Zero Arc Offers a Superior ROI and Cost Savings

Save up to 90% of disinfection labor costs and 100% of disinfection chemical costs annually with R-Zero Arc compared to electrostatic spraying.

Cut disinfection labor time per room down to 2 minutes with R-Zero Arc, compared to 15-20 minutes with chemical disinfection. Just set, press, and go!


Our commitment to excellence in safety extends beyond our own product line. We’re proud to offer the R-Zero Arc Tower. This hospital grade UV-C light outshines all competitors on the market, and we can attest to the value this unique product offers in diverse settings. Just like our barricades, R-Zero products are manufactured right here in the USA and offer the highest safety standards in their industry.

LeRoy CUSD Increases School’s Community Confidence with Arc

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