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The Many Uses of the 24” Low Profile Barricade

Safety and security barricade systems are used throughout many industries and many variations are available. Looking closely at the features and benefits of different barricades and comparing them to your project requirements will help you determine exactly which barricade system will serve you best. OTW has been providing barricades since 1993 so we know just …

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Front view of 90 degree connection between two OTW Safety Construction barricades.

The Big Time

OTW barriers are popping up all over! If you watch TV — and quite a few people do — you may have seen a Kia commercial that pitted two robots against each other in a hilarious grocery-loading competition. You also may have noticed, prominently displayed in the high-tech testing facility where the competition takes place, …

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Photo Contest Winners

We’ve got a photo contest winner! Thank You to Amber at Safe T Lite for this awesome photo of our Billboard Barricades at the San Diego dock. We love all the colors! Stilt walker in second place We also love this shot of a stilt walker at the Park Silly Sunday Market in Park City, …

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Different colored OTW Safety barricades enclosing a construction zone in San Deigo

Winners of our 1st OTW Photo Contest

Thank you to all who participated in our first-ever photo contest. We appreciate the time you took to send us all your great pictures. We love seeing OTW barricades being used! Our first place winner stole the show with Mo the sloth hanging out on one of our billboard barricades. Granted, he probably doesn’t weigh …

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Mo the Sloth climbing on our CC42x96" src="/Websites/otwsafety/images/BlogFeaturedImages/Hattiesburg_Zoo_sm.jpg" class="fr-draggable