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Water-filled Barriers Make Crashes Less Severe

Though the average motorist might not pay much attention to roadside barriers along highways or construction sites, the reality is that these barricades can prove life-saving. Plastic barriers made from high-quality polyethylene can prevent or limit the damage from car accidents. Water-filled barriers in particular can make car crashes less severe, and can often offer …

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Types of Safety Barricades

At OTW Safety, we design and build many different types of barricades for a wide variety of commercial applications. Our barricades are engineered to be used outdoors and are designed to handle any significant inclement weather. We have barricades that are designed for very specific operating environments as well as multi-purpose barriers that can be …

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Why use Longitudinal Channelizing Devices?

The current mindset of the safety community is geared toward using “positive protection” to protect maintenance workers in roadway work zones.  As a result, concrete barriers have become the temporary traffic control device most commonly used in highway work zones. According to Roadside Design Guide, published by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation …

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