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Plastic Barricades

Portable Safety Barrier Uses & Applications at Universities

Universities regularly host a wide range of different events and gatherings on their grounds. From football games to job fairs, college campuses are diverse, vibrant places with a lot going on. Portable barricades at universities can improve how administrators set up and organize extracurricular activities. In fact, the portable safety barrier is one of the …

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Metal vs. Plastic Barricades

If you are looking into buying crowd control barricades for an event or venue, there are many options to choose from. The biggest question many people have is how do metal and plastic barricades compare? The two barricade styles are both commonly used, but which one is better? If you look at the advantages of …

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Crowd Control Adaptor Connecting Steel and Plastic Barricade

A Stampede Caused by Metal Barricades

According to an article published by The Commercial Appeal back in May, crowds on Beale Street in Memphis mistook crashing metal barricades for gunshots and started fleeing in all directions. Hundreds of people ran toward the exits, two were arrested, and others ended up in the hospital. Beale Street is a historic district in downtown …

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