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What are the most common barriers?

Barricading has been a long-held safety practice across the globe. There are many barriers and barricades on the market today and each has its place. Construction sites and roadside work areas use barriers every day to help protect their workers, equipment, and progress. Event organizers use temporary barricades to guide and protect guests, block off …

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Just what is a K Rail?

While this description can be universal, the word “k rail” (also spelled “k-rail”) is most commonly used in the state of California to describe the classic jersey shape barrier or barricade. Concrete barriers have been used on highways since the 1940s along the Californian coast, but the tried-and-true “jersey” shape we know today has been …

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5 Key Facts About The K-Rail

The K-Rail is one of the most recognizable barrier designs still in use today.  It is also one of the most popular, most versatile, and, interestingly, oldest models used for roadside construction and traffic control. In fact, our K-Rail Barricade is actually one of our most popular products! Here’s a look at this special barrier …

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