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OTW Safety’s New and Improved Barricade Fence Panel

Times are tough for everyone; manufacturers, companies and customers alike have all fallen victim to the storm of delays and frustrating shortages that have stricken countless industries as of late.  At OTW Safety, we get it. We have, unfortunately, not been an exception to these piling issues. Supply chain disruptions have made it difficult to …

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The Ultimate Event Planning Checklist

Events are one of the best ways to build your brand, meet new customers, and create a memorable and fun experience for everyone involved. However, actually planning, organizing, and executing an event can be a daunting task. To begin, it is first necessary to define the goals of your event. Do you want to host …

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Metal vs. Plastic Barricades

If you are looking into buying crowd control barricades for an event or venue, there are many options to choose from. The biggest question many people have is how do metal and plastic barricades compare? The two barricade styles are both commonly used, but which one is better? If you look at the advantages of …

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Crowd Control Adaptor Connecting Steel and Plastic Barricade

Serious Safety, Fun Interaction

When people get together in large groups, having fun is often the goal. At concerts, sporting events, exhibitions, rallies, or public speeches, the last thing on your mind is safety—that’s why it’s the first thing on ours. OTW Safety is the leader in passive crowd control safety and security. For over ten years, our crowd …

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The Billboard Barricade at the Utah Arts Festival" src="/Websites/otwsafety/images/blog/Utah-Arts-Festival-1_sm.jpg" class="fr-draggable


OTW Safety made some great new friends, hobnobbed with musicians, and showed off our Billboard Barricade crowd control device at this year’s International Music Festival Conference and International Film Festival Summit in Austin, TX. As the official safety sponsor of both events, we tried our best not to be hall monitors… but crowd control is …

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Photo of men and women leaders speaking at a conference.

Utah Arts Festival 2012

The Utah Arts Festival picked up a new fleet of OTW Safety CC42x96 barricades for this week’s events. We got a little sneak peek of the concert venue and it looks amazing! Here is a link to the Utah Arts Festival. Be sure to find a full list of events starting this Thursday and running through …

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The Adapter

OTW Safety has done it again and revolutionized the crowd control barricade market with The Adapter. Now you can seamlessly integrate the already amazing plastic CC42x96 with your current steel crowd control barricade fleet. This simple device uses the auxiliary hole in the CC42x96 to attach to any steel crowd control barricade on the market. …

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Crowd Control Adaptor Connecting Steel and Plastic Barricades