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TTI Study Recommending LCD’s to Improve Safety

Plastic Water-Filled LCD’s Can Prevent Drivers from Entering Work Zones. College Station, TX. — Texas Transportation Institute researchers released a study January 18 examining the effectiveness of longitudinal channelizing devices (LCD’s) in work zones, the results recommending LCD’s for several applications to improve work zone safety… The report titled, “Studies to Determine the Effectiveness of …

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Improving Work Zone Safety: Why We Should Consider Water-Filled Longitudinal Channelizing Devices

This 2011 Paper submitted by OTW Founder and Water Barrier Manufacturers Association Manager, Marc Christensen, along with association member Sreekanth Akepati, delves into the differences between concrete barriers and longitudinal channelizing devices. The paper is an interesting look at the current state of traffic barricades and industry safety standards and what could be a more …

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Gymkhana Grid + OTW Safety

We’re excited announce a new partnership that will highlight the capabilities of our traffic safety barricade line. OTW Safety has teamed up with Ken Block, founder of DC Skate Shoes to become the official sponsor of the Gymkhana Grid – a race that turns Gymkhana driving into a head to head battle! The next  event …

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NTSB Investigates Deadly Bus Accident

GRAY SUMMIT, Mo. — National Transportation Safety Board investigators are examining the Missouri crash that killed a 15-year-old school bus passenger and the teen driver of a pickup truck. They are hopeful they’ll learn something to make road work zones safer, an NTSB official said Friday. NTSB Vice Chairman Christopher Hart said “people, vehicles and …

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