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OTW Barricades at the Living Traditions Festival in Salt Lake City

The diversity of Salt Lake City was celebrated again this year at the Living Traditions Festival. The festival, held annually at Library Square, has been drawing performers, cooks, and craftspeople for over thirty years. The free event is organized and hosted by the Salt Lake City Arts Council and this year over 70 different cultural …

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yellow event barricades at living traditions festival in salt lake city

The Many Uses of the 24” Low Profile Barricade

Safety and security barricade systems are used throughout many industries and many variations are available. Looking closely at the features and benefits of different barricades and comparing them to your project requirements will help you determine exactly which barricade system will serve you best. OTW has been providing barricades since 1993 so we know just …

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Front view of 90 degree connection between two OTW Safety Construction barricades.

Metal vs. Plastic Barricades

If you are looking into buying crowd control barricades for an event or venue, there are many options to choose from. The biggest question many people have is how do metal and plastic barricades compare? The two barricade styles are both commonly used, but which one is better? If you look at the advantages of …

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Crowd Control Adaptor Connecting Steel and Plastic Barricade

St. Patty’s Day Parade

The Hibernian Society of Utah exists to preserve and promote Irish history, culture and traditions in Utah. This year at the 41st annual St. Patty’s Day parade, folks came out in droves dawning green garb, traditional Irish dress and great big smiles. The parade march began at 200 South and 500 East and proceeded west …

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Plastic Barriers: Are They Sustainable?

Here at OTW Safety, we take pride in the quality of our plastic barriers. That’s why all of our products use plastic that is durable, impact resistant, and recyclable. Whether it’s High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), both plastics provide unique benefits for our different plastic barriers. So, why have we chosen these …

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traffic barricades on street

The Only 42-inch Plastic Barricade Rated for High Speed Zones

Our 42-inch Jersey Shape LCD can be used in a variety of applications in and around traffic and construction zones. Most importantly, it’s the only 42-inch jersey barricade on the market that is rated as a TL-3 Barricade suitable for high speed construction zones. This unique Longitudinal Channelizing Device is federally tested and approved for …

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Traffic barricades with barrier fence panel

Custom Construction Signs

The ability to display custom construction signs is one of the features that makes the Billboard Barricade truly unique. Threaded bolt receptors are molded directly into the barricade so installation is easy and doesn’t require any extra tools. Signs arrive in custom cardboard packaging with bolts and washers included. Simply place your sign, add a …

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