Yes Our CO1 Airfield Construction Warning Light is Made in China

Yes. That’s right, this product is made in China. We have tried our hardest to make all of our products in the USA, but we have had no luck with this particular part. The primary reason is that there are no US manufacturers of LED’s. The FTC uses an “all or virtually all” standard when determining whether a company can make an unqualified or qualified Made in USA claim. “All or virtually all” means that all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. The product should contain no—or negligible—foreign content. The product must take place in the U.S. So even if we had the light assembled here, or we molded the plastic shell here, we could still not call it “Made in the USA.” Consider also that if we molded the plastic lens and battery base here, we would not be as competitive as we are. Unfortunately, all of the items we manufacture are sold on a low bid model, so making our lights more expensive and still not being able to call them “Made in the USA” is not a good business decision. Keep in mind that all of the other products that we manufacture and sell are MADE in the USA. Competitors claiming Made in the USA warning lights that have LED’s are not only violating the FTC laws, they are lying to you.