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Serious Safety, Fun Interaction

When people get together in large groups these days, it is often to have fun. Whether at a concert, a game, an exhibition, a rally, or a speech, the last thing on your mind is safety. That’s why it is the first thing on our minds and the minds of those putting on the events.

OTW Safety is the front line in passive crowd control safety and security. For over ten years, our crowd control barricades have been seen standing diligently at games, concerts, events of all types, and music festivals like Austin’s own SXSW where the city welcomes 50,000+ attendees and generates $218 million in revenue for Austin. SXSW is a BIG show and both safety and security have become an increasingly large concern as of late. In 2014, there was a highly publicized incident which later led to the organizers and others being sued 1. This horrible incident, amongst an otherwise fun event, was a topic of discussion this last year at IMFCON/IFFS 2014’s Security Panel in which OTW Safety took part 2. Event attendees, event co-ordinators, and the event’s security planners are focused on providing a safe and secure environment to enjoy the events. That is where OTW Safety comes in and joins the community. As Eve Cohen, managing director of Life is Beautiful festival, recently told

“We don’t want people to feel afraid of security. We want people to feel [security is a] part of making a safe experience for the guests.” 3

OTW Safety strives to provide safety and security with our products while aesthetically blending into the community. OTW is also committed to security and provides assistance in security strategy and planning. With an 8 year background in the US Air Force with security forces, our VP of Operations Eric Stevens helps OTW bring “international experience and professionalism to you in a small, highly agile, team who can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.” 4 It is our continued commitment to security and the community that drives us.

OTW Safety also loves to get involved in the community and our barricade offers a unique secondary function as a sign and a mouthpiece. The “billboard” barricade has the unique capability of an integrated space for notifications, directions, security bulletins, and even fun things like event graphics, logos etc… There is little limitation to what can be done with our billboard space. Many use it as advertising space to increase revenue and promote sponsorships. While our Crowd Control barricades always promote safety, it also has a voice in the community.

With OTW Safety, we strive to keep events safe and secure so you can have fun. Stay tuned as we have some fun initiatives coming up and will be attending some of events. Like us on Facebook and join our community!

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