OTW Safety’s Useful Life Commitment

Useful life usually refers to the duration for which the item will be useful (to the business), and not how long the property will actually last. Many factors affect a property’s useful life, including the frequency of use, the age when acquired and the repair policy and environmental conditions of the business.

All of OTW Safety’s products are built to last.

MB48x40 RMB 48×40
The picture above was just taken in Phoenix, AZ in March 2013. This barricade was manufactured in 2006, that is 7 years of usefulness!

good shot workers with 10x96 slcRAR 10×96
Although we have a new blow molded version of this barricade, many customers prefer the heavier weight and thicker wall of the RAR 10×96. This product is FAA approved and eligible for AIP funding. Even if you purchased this 10 years ago, you could still be using it and we still make it, so you can add to your stock with a compatible barricade!

RAR24x96RAR 24×96
This picture was taken at the Salt Lake City International Airport in February 2013. The Airport purchased our RAR 24×96 in 2000 and have been using them for 13 years!

You can trust OTW Safety’s high quality products to be built tough and to last a very long time.