MX1 in Calgary

Morgan Burger finished with a strong 8th place in in the first race of the Calgary MX1. The second moto got crazy – they greased up the track pretty good with water and as Morgan went around the first corner Morgan was hit by another rider, “I could feel my front end giving way, I tried to save it when I was broadsided by another rider coming in on my right side; we both went down. I knew my hand was hurting but my main concern was getting back on my bike.” Morgan’s throttle tube was stuffed with dirt causing it to stick wide open but his mechanic was right there to get things cleared out and send him on his way. “I found that my front brake lever was gone also, which was probably for the better considering I could not feel my right hand anyway!” Morgan was not only in 40th position – but the pack had pulled away from from him after his technical difficulties however once the checkered flag flew he was able to salvage a 14th place with a 11th overall for the day. “My right hand and fingers are pretty swollen with some bruising and blood blisters, but I will get that worked out before the next round. I am currently tied for 8th place in the series points. We are off to Edmonton, AB.” Good luck Morgan!