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Motorist Drives Through Freshly Poured Concrete

As disucssed in my previous blog posts, motorists are frequently driving into work zones by driving between the gaps in drums, delineators, and cones. Again, as documeted in this story from Kentucky, a motorist drove around traffic barricades and barrels and through wet concrete.

The damage to this new concrete surface could have been prevented by using LCD’s.

The vehicle left tracks in the new concrete that could not be smoothed before the concrete dried. Those sections will need to be torn out and replaced, said Keith Todd, a spokesman for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. The contractor will need to rework several sections of the newly poured concrete along the main line of the Audubon Parkway. Todd said motorists driving around barricades in work zones doesn’t happen often, but it’s always on his mind.

“We do have work zone issues of people moving barrels,” he said. “It just kind of depends on the work zone, but it is a constant concern in our work zones.”

This hazardous behavior can be prevented by using LCD’s. In addition, LCD’s keep workers and equipment from protruding into the traveled way. LCD’s are FHWA accepted, and are listed in the MUTCD.