Motocross Mud Bath

This past week OTW Safety’s Athlete Morgan Burger raced in the “Mud Bath” Nanaimo. It was pouring rain the entire race here is what Morgan had to say about the race.

“It is not too often you make pit stops in a motocross race although riders were stopping for 2 and 3 sets of goggles and glove. My first set of goggles only lasted a couple of laps – I ran the next 4 laps with NO goggle and wrecked twice just because I was splashed so bad i had to close my eyes and pray when I opened them I was still on the track. I pulled over to rinse my eyes out with a bottle of water and grab clean goggles.  I was amazed they ran us the complete 30 minutes plus 2 laps it was insane man! They did shorten the 2nd moto to 15 minutes plus two laps and it did not rain although the track was a disaster! I placed 18th in the first moto and 10th in the second moto for a 13th overall.”

Hopefully Morgan gets some better weather for Kamloops on Friday.