Morgan Burger Update: Gopher Dunes

With the help from Blazin’ Wheels Ministries Morgan found a ride out to the East Coast. After a three-week break the Monster Energy CMRC Canadian Motocross Nationals resumed at the famous Gopher Dunes track in Courtland, Ontario. As always, the Schuster family and crew had the track prepped to perfection which led to some great racing. The sand was deep and it was hot and humid. They say it is one of the toughest roughest tracks around so Morgan did was glad to survive. “I was holding to a strong 7th place in the second moto although i came up on a lapper and made a bad choice in lines causing me to plant my head in a corner – THANK HEAVENS it was sand at that point – it eased the Blow! After scrambling to to decipher which way was up again and trying to straighten my bars as good as I could I was only able to finish in 12th. Ran a 10 – 12 giving me 11th overall; and I am still holding on the 8th place in the points.”