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Morgan Burger Top 10 in CA Motocross

Past due update from #7 Morgan Burger!

Round 5 Gopher Dunes, ON
In Gopher's 100% deep sand, Morgan had a great battle with Mike Brown - an idol of Morgan's since he was a boy.  Even with Mikes 15 years experience, 10 for an 11th overall. Many riders get gobbled up by the sand so it was great to see Morgan come out in one piece!
Round 6 Sand Del Lee, ON
Well we could just skip this one ... but I guess you have to take the good with the bad.  It was questionable if Morgan was even going to make it to this round -  The Blackpearl (the team bus) broke down 6 hours from Sand Del Lee and the team rented a Uhaul to get  to this round.  It was nuts - you can see the Discount Rental truck in the background of some of our pictures.  Unfortunately, the team OTW barriers did not make the trip, as the boys had to pack lightly - only taking race bikes, leaving our practice bikes and all extra's behind.  As far as results, Morgan went 31 - DNF placing 35th overall. 

         " I had an excellent start and battling for 6th place - felt smooth.  I caught a rut going up a jump that sent me a little side ways and I just could not get it back under me before hitting the ground - landing on the back of my neck.  It rung my bell so I had to make the decision to sit the next moto out.  I am glad my dad was there to guide us through all the chaos.  We were able to get the rental van returned in time and my dad was able to figure out what was wrong with the bus and get it fixed."  

Round 7 Deschambault, QB
Morgan went 20-11 for a 17th overall. It poured rain at this round.  Morgan had a great jump off the gate in the first moto, although he ended up crashing several time in the first lap. He was able to salvage 20th. 
Round 8 Moncton, NB
Morgan went 9-9- for a 9th overall! His luck and consistency seem to be returning!  He went down in the first turn of the 1st moto, but was able to battle back to 9th. 

    "The roost was brutal - so many little sharp rocks they felt like razors.  In the second moto I had a great battle with 3 top riders for 7th, 8th, and 9th - I was getting BLASTED with roost and rocks knocked the lens out of my goggles - i had to back off just to survive." 
The next round will be Sunday in Ulverton, QB.

    "Putting my head down and putting the work in so the East Coast does not get the best of me. Two more rounds I am currently sitting in 9th for the series overall - Its not over til the Fat Lady Sings!"