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We can help you understand what the differences are between plastic devices and choose which one to use for your situation, whether it’s a roadway, airport, crowd control or a security application. Most manufacturers only want to sell you their products; we want you to understand what you’re getting and be certain it’s the right product for the job.

We Believe

We should help our customers with any endeavor.

We should be a resource, not just a salesperson.

We should invest in our PRESENT customers, not just in advertising for new ones.

Security barriers are awesome... even if you don’t think so.

Safety products save lives. That’s important to us.

We are the best and most innovative barrier provider there is.

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating safety and security devices to meet our customer's needs. Send us your unmet requirement now. We can make it for you!

We are committed to the environmental movement, we watch our carbon footprint as much as possible and manufacture products that are recyclable and have recycled content.

We're committed to making products in the USA and our products carry the "Made in USA" logo. We're committed to delivering the product you need, when you want it, the way you want it.

We are relentless. We strive daily to improve our commitment to our customers.

Our History

We’ve been in the business of designing, testing and manufacturing plastic water-filled barricade products since 1993. When it comes to understanding industry requirements, our background is second to none and our products are on the cutting edge.

OTW Safety Staff on Risk
If It’s Not Fun, It’s Not Work

Listen, we understand that sometimes work isn't the best part of your day. However, here at OTW Safety… we also realize that the time we are working is not only a majority of all of our days, but it’s the time that we are able to provide amazing products, service and support to all of our awesome customers. With that said, we love what we do but we maintain a happy work/life balance so that we are always at the top of our game, for you. Work? Yeah, its just life for us and we all love it!

OTW Safety is an employee managed and owned company.  We are Salt Lake City, Utah based small business. 

Customer Testimonials

"We did find unexpected bonuses come with these great barricades. Not only are they attractive, they are designed to hold sponsor signs and are so popular with our sponsors that the number of signs that they get is a major point of negotiation. Also, on special days we have inserted U.S. flags into them to celebrate the day. This has become so popular with the public that next season we will add 50% Alaska flags and display them every day of our thirty-six day market/festival season."
– William F. Webb, Anchorage Market & Festival

"I would like to comment on the Barricades. We Loved them. Very easy to move around and lightweight. We even used the Advertising area. All in all, we had a great time with them."
– David Leonard, National Western Complex, Denver, CO

"The barricades are awesome! The sparkly silver looks great with our climbing wall and we couldn't be happier."
– Aaron L.