Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five

#26 Morgan Burger had a successful weekend in Edmonton and is now sitting in a solid 8th place over all for the series.  Morgan went  9-5 with a 5th overall. #26 got off the line good in both moto’s although in the first one he actually had to back off a bit “The roost was brutal!  My face and my body look like I have been beat with a bag of marbles.  Second moto I was able to jump out to a 2nd place start – the roost had loosened up a bit considering the rain began to fall. I was trying to be strategic because holding on to 5th place because I knew I had some heavy hitters coming from the back of the pack. It is tough to battle with the factory guys and some of the big guys had some tough luck in the second moto – but that is racing and I am glad I was able to grab the opportunity while I could.”  Morgan is trying to get to the East Coast rounds that begin on July 14th so if you want to show Morgan some love you can reach him at

Check out an interview with Morgan. (fast forward to about 15:30)