Government Sales

OTW will meet your mission and project requirements! Government clients receive priority service and special pricing. We are excited to prime or partner to bid on competitive procurement contracts.

We are proud to offer our own GSA Contract #GS-03F-005BA for Schedule 078 SIN 366-12. OTW is a Salt Lake City, Utah based small business. CAGE code: 1DAL6.

NSN# Reference & Corresponding OTW Part Numbers

NSN 5660-01-466-5341
OTW MB-42x72 JSS HD - Safety Orange

NSN 5660-01-466-5339
OTW MB-42x72 JSS HD - Safety Yellow

NSN 5660-01-466-5342
OTW MB-42x72 JSS HD - Natural White

NSN 5660-01-466-5343
OTW MB-42x72 JSS HD - Olive Drab Green

NSN 5660-01-466-5340
OTW MB-42x72 HD JSS - Desert Tan

NSN 5660-01-466-5344
OTW MB-42x96 HD JSS - Safety Orange

NSN 5660-01-466-5346
OTW MB-42x96 HD JSS - Safety Yellow

NSN 5660-01-466-5345
OTW MB-42x96 HD JSS - Natural White

NSN 5660-01-466-5347
OTW MB-42x96 HD JSS - Olive Drab Green

NSN 5660-01-466-5348
OTW MB-42x96 HD JSS - Desert Tan

NSN 5660-01-469-7545
OTW AR-10x96 - Orange/White

NSN 5660-01-469-7542
OTW AR-24x96 - Orange/White

NSN 5660-01-469-7539
OTW MB-48x40 - Multiple Color Options

GSA Contract: #GS-03F-005BA