FOD : Hazardous Barricade Designs

Be cautious that the barricade you are specifying and using on runway and taxiway construction is not creating hazardous FOD. I have created the link below that will take you to a drawing set illustrating a home made device that is very hazardous, and could create a disaster equivalent to the fatal crash of Air France Concord Flight AFR 4590 (here). During takeoff from runway 26 right at Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport, shortly before rotation, the front right tire of the left landing gear ran over a strip of metal, which had fallen from another aircraft, and was damaged. The barricade shown in this drawing set could cause a repeat of this same accident.  Further, the labor and material costs associated with building this device are far greater than buy an off the shelf device like the AR10x96 barrier designed specifically for safe and FOD free construction operations.  Have a look for yourself (here).