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The AR24x96 can be used on and off the airfield

Welcome to OTW Safety! We engineer, design, and manufacture the highest-quality safety barricades on the market. We offer plastic barricade solutions for airports, roadways, crowd control, and security. Uniquely suited for various safety and security uses, each of our safety barriers is designed to offer protection, longevity, and ease of use.


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OTW crowd control barricades


Since 1993 our talented engineers have been dreaming up alternatives to concrete and steel barriers and working with customers along the way to refine and perfect each design. We support multiple industries with our unique product lines and make it a priority to stay informed on the changing needs of our customers.

Ensure that you are using the highest quality and most innovative products – buy directly from the manufacturer.

Check out the most innovative crowd control barrier on the market. With an integrated display panel and feet that swivel closed, this barricade will change how you do crowd control.

42-inch plastic crowd control barricade

The billboard barricade is lightweight yet sturdy so it's easier to set up and still stands up to crowds.

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Buy direct from OTW! We design, engineer, and manufacture all of our plastic barricades in the United States. Since 1999 we've been producing the highest quality airport barricades and our products are trusted by major airports across the globe.

10-inch low profile plastic airport barricade

The 10-inch low profile barricade is compliant with FAA regulations and is the industry standard for low profile barricades.

24-inch low profile plastic airport barricade

The 24-inch low profile barricade is compliant with FAA regulations and is the better choice for areas near larger aircraft.

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plastic airport barricades on the runway
oragne plastic safety barricades


We are a small business focused on relationships. We spend time with our customers working to understand their needs and offering them tailored solutions. We provide expertise in site safety, planning, and management with a team that has the knowledge and experience to help customers meet their requirements.

Our focus on relationships extends to our manufacturing and shipping partners. These long-term partnerships allow us to guarantee quality and efficiency throughout all our processes, keep costs low and pass the savings on to our customers. Compared to larger barricade suppliers we have much more flexibility and can usually offer lower prices and faster delivery.


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Our plastic safety barricades create order in public spaces and prevent accidents and injuries. We work diligently to ensure safety by supplying superior products and making sure our customers employ the correct barricades for their specific needs.

Our construction barricades are trusted by major airports and roadway construction contractors alike. Our crowd control barriers are in use at a ton of venues including sports stadiums, concert halls, zoos, and outdoor festivals. Our heavy duty security barriers are relied upon by various branches of the military and play an integral role in protecting important buildings, checkpoints and military personnel.

Uniquely suited for various safety and security uses, each of our barricades is designed to offer protection, longevity and ease of use.

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plastic billboard barricades at SLC Arts Festival
OTW plastic safety barricades at the Go Cart track


We take pride in the design and construction of each barrier we sell. We're proud to say that all of our plastic barricades are made in the USA and are 100% recyclable.

Our barricades are composed of superior grades of plastic known for strength and durability. They are also UV-resistant, have high impact and melt strength, and resist stress cracks and fracturing. This means our plastic barricades stand up to weather and transport.

High Density Polyethylene can be recycled into things like plastic lumber, tables, roadside curbs, benches, truck cargo liners, trash bins, and other durable goods.

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We employ advanced molding techniques to create plastic barricades that are lightweight and easy to move when empty, but which are exponentially heavier once ballasted with water or sand. Once filled, most of our plastic barricades become up to 10x heavier and nearly immovable.

We offer a one-year manufacturing warranty and all of our products are designed to last a minimum of eight years. We work closely with the factories that produce our barricades so you end up with reliable barricades every time you order!

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molding a OTW safety barricade
Plastic barricades at a community outreach event


OTW was built on the idea that great products not only meet needs but also serve the community at large. We're based in Salt Lake City and our founder Marc Christensen was a firm believer in supporting the work of non-profits in the city. We've donated safety barricades to a wide range of groups. When it comes to our crowd control barricades, non-profits not only receive the value that barricades can provide, they also gain an advertising platform to showcase their sponsors and attract more donations.

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  • Morgan Burger Pulls Hole Shot

    Quick update on OTW Safety team rider Morgan Burger - this weekend Morgan pulled the hole shot in the Moto 1 of the MX1 class and had an amazing weekend holding his 8th place spot in points. Keep it up Morgan!

  • Morgan Burger Update: Gopher Dunes

    With the help from Blazin' Wheels Ministries Morgan found a ride out to the East Coast. After a three-week break the Monster Energy CMRC Canadian Motocross Nationals resumed at the famous Gopher Dunes track in Courtland, Ontario. As always, the Schuster family and crew had the track prepped to perfection which led to some great racing.

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    Ken Block does it again with the Gymkhana Five.  Shot on the actual streets of San Francisco, California, GYM5 features a focus on fast, raw and precise driving action. Filmed over four days, director Ben Conrad and his team are back to work on their second Gymkhana production and delivered the entire city of San Francisco as Ken Block's personal gymkhana playground. DC Shoes also provided fellow DC athlete and longtime Ken Block friend, Travis Pastrana, to make a cameo appearance on his di...

  • Morgan Burger in Edmonton

    #26 Morgan Burger had a successful weekend in Edmonton and is now sitting in a solid 8th place over all for the series.  Morgan went  9-5 with a 5th overall. #26 got off the line good in both moto's although in the first one he actually had to back off a bit "The roost was brutal!  My face and my body look like I have been beat with a bag of marbles.  Second moto I was able to jump out to a 2nd place start - the roost had loosened up a bit considering the rain ...

  • MX1 in Calgary

    Morgan Burger finished with a strong 8th place in in the first race of the Calgary MX1. The second moto got crazy - they greased up the track pretty good with water and as Morgan went around the first corner Morgan was hit by another rider, "I could feel my front end giving way, I tried to save it when I was broadsided by another rider coming in on my right side; we both went down. I knew my hand was hurting but my main concern was getting back on my bike." Morgan's throttle tube was stuffed wit...

  • Movin' on up!

    This past weekend OTW Safety athlete Morgan Burger, #544, placed 9th and 7th in Kamploops for an overall 7th place finish. This puts Morgan in 9th place for points heading into Calgary this weekend. Get some!

  • Motocross Mud Bath

    This past week OTW Safety's Athlete Morgan Burger raced in the "Mud Bath" Nanaimo. It was pouring rain the entire race here is what Morgan had to say about the race. "It is not too often you make pit stops in a motocross race although riders were stopping for 2 and 3 sets of goggles and glove.

  • Nick Hendrickson Leads the U.S. Charge

    OTW Safety's Nick Hendrickson leads the U.S. Ski Team in to Junior Worlds. Read the full article below and make sure you subscribe to us on this blog for updated information on Nick and his travels, as well as follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on everything OTW Safety.

  • Gymkhana Grid + OTW Safety

    In case you haven't already heard OTW Safety has teamed up with the Gymkhana Grid and is the official barricade of the Gymkhana Grid.  If you aren't familiar with the Gymkhana Grid it is a race that Ken Block (Founder of DC Skate Shoes) has created that turns Gymhana driving into a head to head battle.  The event will be held in Irwindale California at the Toyota Speedway December 3-4.  To see more Gymkhana driving check out the links below and if you are in the Irwindale area com...