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  • OTW Safety’s Annual Meeting

    OTW Safety just got done with our annual meeting and we are all geared up for the up and coming year.  Get ready and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook because we are going to be doing a ton of new giveaways and prizes via our super cool social media outlets. Here are some photos of the annual meeting.

  • OTW Safety at SEMA

    This past week we joined the Ford Group at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. The Ford Group had an event set up at the show called the Ford Out Front powered by Monster Energy, where show attendees could take a ride along with Ken Block as he drifted around a course that was set up. If you aren't familiar with Ken Block or drifting check out the videos to get a little taste.

  • Texas and others approve the LCD for immediate use

    TX DOT has officially accepted our new LCD for use in their State! This product was recently approved by CA DOT and ID DOT as well! Our team at OTW Safety is working hard to make sure that our products are on the approved product lists for your state.

  • NTSB Investigates Deadly Bus Accident

    GRAY SUMMIT, Mo. — National Transportation Safety Board investigators examining the Missouri crash that killed a 15-year-old school bus passenger and the teen driver of a pickup truck. They are hopeful they'll learn something to make road work zones safer, an NTSB official said Friday.

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