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Building a Business and Supporting the Community Along the Way

When Marc founded his company, Off the Wall Products, in 1989, he was adamant about doing things differently. Besides producing superior products, he was committed to helping grow cool charities and non-profits. Today OTW Safety has ambassadors in more than 10 major cities, from San Diego to Miami, and is still dedicated to carrying out …

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Airport Runway Construction Safety

There are safety concerns and legal requirements for just about any construction project. Projects in and around airports present a huge number of additional challenges and regulations. It can be difficult to be sure that your crew is following regulations. We’ve put together a PowerPoint presentation to supplement airport-specific training for construction personnel. The presentation …

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Determining Lateral Deflections of Plastic Water-Filled Barriers

This study investigated two methods that can be used to calculate the lateral deflection and the number of segments that move in a Plastic Water-Filled Barrier (referred to in the study as a “PWB”) after a vehicle has struck the traffic barrier. In the first method, theoretical equations were developed based on the conservation of …

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Winners of our 1st OTW Photo Contest

Thank you to all who participated in our first-ever photo contest. We appreciate the time you took to send us all your great pictures. We love seeing OTW barricades being used! Our first place winner stole the show with Mo the sloth climbing on our CC42x96 barricade. Notable Mentions

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OTW Safety attends the Alaska DOT Airport Training Conference

OTW Safety’s VP of Operations, Eric Stevens, spent a week in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska to support the Alaska Airport Training Conference organized by the Alaska Department of Transportation. The conference brought together airport managers from the entire state to tackle safety and operational concerns unique to Alaskan environmental extremes. Emergency preparedness, construction impact mitigation, and …

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Have you seen us?

During the month of May we want your high quality pictures or even a short video showing our barricades being used in the real world. See a few examples below. The best picture/video will win $500! But don’t worry if you don’t win first prize, you may qualify for one of several consolation prizes. We …

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