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  • Determining Lateral Deflections of Plastic Water-Filled Barriers

    MB42x72 JSS LCD with fencing at SD Ballpark

    This study investigated two methods that can be used to calculate the lateral deflection and the number of segments that move in a PWB after a vehicle has struck the traffic barrier. In the first method, theoretical equations were developed based on the conservation of energy. The second method used MADYMO simulations to calculate how the barrier deformed.The theoretical equations and the MADYMO simulation models developed in this study were validated against full-scale crash tests.
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  • WBMA Petitions FHWA on Behalf of Members

    On Tuesday the Water Barrier Manufactures Association petitioned the Federal Highway Association about Section 6F.63 of the 2009 MUTCD. Section 6F.63 allows the name and telephone number of the highway agency, contractor, or supplier to be displayed on the non-reflective surface of a device as indicated in paragraphs 15 and 16 of this section: Option: 15. The name and telephone number of the highway agency, contractor, or supplier may be displayed on the non-retroreflective surface of all types ...

  • Triton and Yodock Brand Water Ballast Devices not MUTCD Compliant

    The WBMA has found commonly used work zone traffic control barriers manufactured by Energy Absorption Systems and Trinity Industries are not in compliance with MUTCD guidelines, creating a liability for the users of these devices. In researching the regulations pertaining to branding traffic control devices for one of its members, the Water Barrier Manufacturers Association has found that branding is not allowed on work zone devices. Manufacturers branding their products are not compliant with M...