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  • Airport Runway Construction Safety

    MB42x72 JSS LCD with fencing at SD BallparkThere are safety concerns and legal requirements for just about any construction project. Projects in and around airports present a huge number of additional challenges and regulations. It can be difficult to be sure that your crew is following regulations.We've put together a PowerPoint presentation to supplement airport-specific training for construction personnel. Read More

  • OTW Safety attends the Alaska DOT Airport Training Conference

    OTW Safety attends the Alaska DOT Airport Training Conference OTW Safety’s VP of Operations, Eric Stevens, spent a week in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska to support the Alaska Airport Training Conference organized by the Alaska Department of Transportation. The conference brought together airport managers from the entire state to tackle safety and operational concerns unique to Alaskan environmental extremes. Emergency preparedness, construction impact mitigation, and security were just some of the many topics discussed at this year’s conference.
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  • OTW's AR10x96 Airport Barricade now being used at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport - China

    Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport In addition to Canada, OTW Safety is now exporting USA made products to China. That's right, OTW's AR10x96 Airport Barricade is now being used at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport in China!
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  • New AR3 Designed Specifically for GA Airports

    Historically, general aviation (GA) airports have been exempt from Part 139 advisory circulars issued by the FAA, giving commercial airports a permit to land commercial carriers in return for compliance with these advisories. However, GA airports try to comply as much as possible, even with their much lower budgets and limited access to AIP grants.
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  • Poor Work Zone Delineation Causes Accident

    At least one person was taken to the hospital following a crash in a construction zone on a Boise road, but we have learned this driver is not the first to be confused by the poor delineation of the work zone. Boise resident Joy Patterson drives the route about twice a day and said she has witnessed confused drivers several times before the crash.
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  • OTW Safety's Useful Life Commitment

    Useful life usually refers to the duration for which the item will be useful (to the business), and not how long the property will actually last. Many factors affect a property's useful life, including the frequency of use, the age when acquired and the repair policy and environmental conditions of the business. All of OTW Safety's products are built to last.

  • Advanced Airport Safety and Operations Specialists School Oct. 22-24

    AAAE and FAA recently trained nearly 100 aviation professionals at the Advanced Airport Safety and Operations Specialist (ASOS) School Oct. 22-24 in Phoenix. The school featured technical discussions and comprehensive Part 139 exercises that allowed attendees to work together in teams to solve airport operations and emergency management scenarios.

  • FAA Safety Requirements for Airfield Construction

    The purpose of this PowerPoint is to supplement the airport specific training for construction personnel working on or adjacent to runways and taxiways addressing the Construction Safety Plan and airport ground vehicle/pedestrian procedures. Pass this on and together we can make Airport Construction safer.

  • Airport Pavement Workshop in Denver, CO

    The American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), Parsons Brinckerhoff, Pavement Consultants Inc and OTW Safety. Would like you to know that there’s still time to register for two informative airfield construction workshops that will be held in Denver, Colorado that will help you prepare for construction activities at your airport. They are the Airfield Construction Management (October 3-4) and Airport Pavement Maintenance/Evaluation (October 4-5) Workshops.

  • Yes Our CO1 Airfield Construction Warning Light is Made in China

    Yes. That’s right, this product is made in China. We have tried our hardest to make all of our products in the USA, but we have had no luck with this particular part.