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Airport Runway Flag

Specially designed fill holes in our barricades allow two flags to be installed per section without any extra hardware.

Product Details



  • Safety orange
  • White


  • Steel dowel and pin
  • Replaceable flag


  • Height: 32 in / 81.3 cm
  • Flag Dimensions: 20 in x 20 in


  • Dowel: 1 lb / 0.454 kg
  • Flag: 0.5 lb / 0.227 kg

Stop the FOD

OTW Safety’s flags have been co-designed with the help of the Salt Lake City International Airport with the goal of reducing the cost associated with flags and FOD on the airfield. We are proud to present the more efficient and cost effective AR Flag by OTW Safety. The new AR Flag dowel is manufactured from heavy guage tube steel. An integrated spring pin button holds the flag in place to withstand jetblasts. The AR Flag material is Made in the USA and is interchangeable, helping to reduce the long term cost of using flags on your airfield.

100% FOD Free

When the AR Flag is used with the AR10x96 and OTW Hazard Light you create the perfect environment to be 100% FOD Free. What does that mean? It’s safer for you and everyone working on the job site.

What is FOD?

Foreign Object Damage (FOD) is damage caused by Foreign Object Debris (also abbreviated FOD), i.e. a substance, debris or article alien to a vehicle or system that has potential to cause damage. The “Damage” term was prevalent in military circles,but has since been pre-empted by a definition of FOD that looks at the “debris”. This shift was made “official” in the latest FAA Advisory Circulars FAA A/C 150/5220-24 ‘Airport Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection Equipment’ (2009) and FAA A/C 150/5210-24 ‘Airport Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Management’. Eurocontrol, ECAC, and the ICAO have all rallied behind this new definition. As Iain McCreary of Insight SRI put it in a presentation to NAPFI (August 2010), “You can have debris present without damage, but never damage without debris.” Likewise, FOD prevention systems work by sensing and detecting not the damage but the actual debris. Thus FOD is now taken to mean the debris itself, and the resulting damage is referred to as “FOD damage.”

*Meets requirements of FAA Advisory Circular 150-2370-2E.
  • Abilene Regional Airport
  • Atlanta International Airport
  • Baltimore-Washington International
  • Bangor Airport
  • Camp LeJune
  • Capitol City Airport
  • Capitol Regional Airport
  • Castle Airport
  • Charleston International Airport
  • Charlotte International Airport
  • City of Roswell Airport
  • Columbus International Airport
  • Corpus Christi International Airport
  • Dayton International Airport
  • Denver International Airport
  • Des Moines International Airport
  • Dulles International Airport
  • Ellsworth AFB
  • Fort Wayne Airport
  • Gainsville Regional Airport
  • Gainsville-Alachua County Regional
  • Gulf port – Biloxi International Airport
  • Grand Forks Airport
  • Harrisburg International Airport
  • Hawthorne Airport
  • Hill AFB
  • Hope Roman Municipal Airport
  • JFK International Airport
  • Las Cruces International Airport
  • Lee County Airport Authority
  • Lexington Fleeted Urban County
  • Loraine County Airport
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Los Ban os Airport
  • Louisville Regional Airport
  • Macmillan Pal omar Airport
  • Manchester Airport
  • Marana Regional Airport
  • Melbourne Airport Authority
  • Newark International Airport
  • North Bend Airport
  • Oakland International Airport
  • Orlando Sanford International Airport
  • Outagamie County Airport
  • Piedmont Triad Airport
  • Perdue University Airport
  • Philiadelphia International Airport
  • Phoenix Skyharbor International
  • Portland Airport
  • Reno Tahoe International Airport
  • Redmond Airport
  • Robbins AFB
  • Sacramento Executive Airport
  • Salsbury Airport
  • Salt Lake City International Airport
  • San Jose International Airport
  • San Marcos Municipal Airport
  • Sholes International Airport
  • Show Low Municipal Airport
  • Springfield-Branson Airport
  • Toldeo Express Airport
  • Tucson Airport
  • Will Rogers International Airport
  • Willow Run Wayne County Airport
  • Wyle Post Airport
  • Yavapai County Airport
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